Photography Courses

Photography is an ever-evolving art form capable of conveying powerful emotions through images.

Our photography classes explore the multitude of skills and creative considerations that go into producing captivating photos. From frame composition, to lighting techniques, to editing concepts like re-touching and compositing, we teach you the methods and dynamic possibilities of this unique medium of expression.

Taught by our faculty of industry professionals, all courses are conducted one-on-one in Bosse’s professional studios where students receive hands-on training on the latest technology that fuels the digital world.

Bosse Tech courses are held inside Bosse Studios – a world class digital media production company that has worked with organizations & companies like Paramount Pictures, Disney Studios, Prana Studios, the New England Patriots & Samsung; and TV shows such as Ocean Treks with Jeff Corwin & Hawaii Five-O. Says founder Ron Bosse, “Our experience working with such high-profile clients has given us unique insight into the cutting-edge digital media trends of today. This real-world knowledge is something we can pass on to the students at Bosse Tech.”

Students can choose from any of our Individual Courses, or pursue a series of sequential courses via our comprehensive Learning Tracks.