Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept all major credit/debit cards, cash and money orders.

Q: When can I enroll?
A: Enrollment is ongoing (i.e we are not semester based). You may sign up for a class at any time.

Q: What is the format of classes?
A: All lessons are private (one-on-one with teacher & student), for 1 hour per week, for a total of 9 weeks.

Q: What times & days are available for lessons?
A: Lessons are available during our hours of operation. We are open Monday-Thursday from 11am-9pm. Friday from 11am-6pm, and Saturday from 10am-4pm. We are closed on Sundays.

Q: How do I enroll?
A: To enroll, call us at 781.337.8500 or contact us via email at One of our customer service representatives will provide you with some convenient lesson time options to choose from.

Q: What happens if I have to cancel a lesson?
A: Students will be offered a make-up lesson providing they give at least 24 hours advance notice. Students are entitled to one make-up lesson per 9 week class if the appropriate notice is given.

Q: Can I take just one course, or do I have to sign up for a series of courses?
A: You can select either option based upon your goals. Students looking to take one class can enroll in one of our Individual Courses. If you are looking for a comprehensive series of classes, you can enroll in one of our Learning Tracks.

Q: What are the advantages of enrolling in one of the Learning Tracks?
A: Consisting of Specialist, Professional, Masters & Multimedia, our Learning Tracks offer students a sequential series of comprehensive courses in their field of study. Each track consists of a pre-determined number of classes which students can choose from based upon their overall goals.

Q: Do I receive a discount if I enroll in a Learning Track?
A: Yes, students receive a discount on courses within the Learning Track ranging from 5-20%. The exact amount of the discount varies by track.