Individual Courses

Choose from a variety of individual courses based upon your interests & current skill level.

Graphic Design 101 [View Curriculum]
Learn the theory and techniques that go into creating professional artwork.

Graphic Design 102 [View Curriculum]
Explore the creative image editing tools in Photoshop.

Web Design 101 [View Curriculum]
Learn the fundamentals of HTML and CSS.

Web Design 102 [View Curriculum]
Expand your knowledge of HTML & CSS.

Graphic Design 201 [View Curriculum]
Discover the comprehensive design possibilities of Illustrator.

Graphic Design 202 [View Curriculum]
Explore the powerful page layout capabilities of InDesign.

Web Design 201 [View Curriculum]
Create engaging websites with strong navigation and modern design elements.

Web Design 202 [View Curriculum]
Learn about responsive web design and SEO.

Graphic Design 301
Explore advanced design techniques and brand considerations.

Directed Portfolio 302 [View Curriculum]
Create a professional portfolio that features your design skills.

Adobe Dreamweaver 101 [View Curriculum]
Learn the powerful development capabilities of Dreamweaver.

Adobe Illustrator 101 [View Curriculum]
Create professional illustrations for print and for the web.

Adobe InDesign 101 [View Curriculum]
Build engaging layouts for print.

WordPress 101 [View Curriculum]
Learn to build websites and databases with WordPress.