Audio Recording 301

In this course you will learn the importance of mastering and how it is an integral part of the recording process. You will develop critical listening skills & explore the complex metering tools available for accessing the sonic state of a mix. Students will learn powerful dynamic shaping tools like limiters and multi-band compressors and ways to enhance a mix through strategic EQ techniques.

Upon Completion of this Course, you will have learned the following:
• Recognize the importance of sample rate & bit depth.
• Develop critical listening skills.
• Shape dynamics with compression.
• Interpret metering tools.
• Control the dynamics of specific frequencies with multi-band compression.
• Balance frequencies through strategic EQ techniques.
• Use limiters to maximize volume & avoid clipping.
• Finalize your master & apply dithering.

  • Format:

    One-on-one, private lesson.

  • Duration:

    9 weeks, 1 hour per week.

  • Cost:


  • Enrollment:

    Ongoing, start at any time.