Individual Courses

Choose from a variety of individual courses based upon your interests & current skill level.

Audio Recording 101 [View Curriculum]
Build solid production skills and discover the principles of audio theory.

Audio Recording 102 [View Curriculum]
Learn the microphone placement and selection techniques used for capturing great audio.

Audio Recording 201 [View Curriculum]
Explore the powerful mixing capabilities of programs like Logic and Pro Tools.

Audio Recording 202 [View Curriculum]
Add interest to your music through advanced mixing techniques.

Audio Recording 301 [View Curriculum]
Learn the mastering techniques that will give your mixes that professional touch.

Directed Portfolio 302 [View Curriculum]
Create a professional portfolio that features your music production skills.

Drum Miking 101 [View Curriculum]
Explore the mic selection and placement techniques that go into producing professional drum tracks.

Finale 101
Learn to create professional musical scores with Finale.

Intro To DJ (Serato DJ) 101 [View Curriculum]
Learn essential DJ techniques with Serato DJ.

Logic Pro X 101 [View Curriculum]
Learn how to record, mix and master audio with Logic Pro X.

Pro Tools 101 [View Curriculum]
Learn to produce professional quality audio with Pro Tools.